1,199.00$ 1,029.00$

– Includes Controller And Charger
– 1 Month Warranty
– No Questions Asked Return Guarantee



New Design

The newly engineered dual inhub motor design equals increased power and torque to allow riders to reach speeds of 35km/hr, as well as travel in reverse.

Long Range

The extra large battery inbuilt battery allows for up to 30km range so that you’ll get tired before ME-Raptor does.

LIMITED: Instant Discount!

Smooth Response

Both multi-level acceleration and multi-level braking make your ride seemlessly smooth whether you are speeding up or hitting the brakes.

Beginners And Veterans

With slow mode (up to 18km/hr) and fast most (up to 35km/hr), beginners and experienced riders can both choose the mode that suits them best.

Customers Say

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My me-mega is awesome. TKS

Malik Australia February 28, 2017

Sturdy Design

Designed to be both crash resistant and water resistant, the ME-Raptor is built to last through rugged use.

Model ME-Raptor
Range 30km
Speed 35km/小hr
Weight 8kg
Controller Function Forward,Back,Brake
Wheels 83mm
Charging 4 Hours
Capacity 110kg
Board Length 980mm
Board Width 220mm


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