Travel Faster, Longer

The turbo charge enabled Next-CellⒸ removeable battery is lightweight and charged within just 2.5 hours. With max range of 30km and max speed of 40km/h, you can reach your desination across the city without worrying about being caught in traffic. Both our motors and motherboard are optimized to balance most efficiently with Next-CellⒸ between speed and range, to optimize your riding experience.

New Controller Design

Ergonomic flexible grip technology allows the controllers to seemlessly stay in the palm of your hand while still allowing you to freely use all five fingers as if you weren’t holding anything. You no longer have to hold our controller; our controller now holds you. ILED (Indicator LED) technology continuously scans remote controller power,
signal strength, and skateboard battery power.

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PU Tire In-Hub Motors

Our motors employ a modular design to allow PU drive wheels to easily be changed without having to replace the entire motor. This increases overall engine lifespan and improves ease of ownership for riders. Motors use high quality copper wire that is hand winded to ensure strongest output and stability of motor.

Quality Components

We use certified LG 18650 battery technology with 1500 charge time lifecycle, giving you a battery with more durability and safety while decreases wait times for charging. The integral copper interface keeps electrical output stable and safe. Our motors are tuned for electric energy conversion efficiency to decrease chip temperatures.

Precision Crafsmanship

We have finely integrated enhanced friction high density gold-steel, waterproof, sand resistant griptape with our 7 ply Canadian maple deck. Magnesium aluminum alloy trucks provide high speed stability coupled with our high-elasticity poly-urethane 97mm wheels and dual in-hub rear motors. The 7 ply deck manufacturing process includes CNC trimming and grinding to create smoother, more beautiful edges.

Customers Say

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Fun for short commuting. Keep it up

Ed United States March 30, 2017

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomically designed hand held controller fits in the palm of your hand so you can control acceleration, ABS braking, and reverse with just one thumb.

Go Anywhere Easily

ME-Mini’s design has carrying convenience as a priority so that you can effortlessly carry it or backpack it wherever you go. Not only is ME-Mini waterproof, but it also can go on most airlines with its 99 watt hour battery.

New Trucks And Lights

Our magnesium aluminum alloy stent trucks, with LED lights, have thicker paint stent and increased ability to withstand high compressive pressure without bending or breaking, resulting in a more stable, more durable truck with a longer working lifespan. High elasticity 85A poly-urethane 97mm diameter wheels increase speed while better absorbing and stabalizing bumps and uneven patches of road.


(8.1 lbs)

Model ME-Next/th>
Range 30km
Speed 38km/hr
Weight 6.5kg
Remote Control Forward,Reverse,ABS Brake
Wheel 87mm
Recharge 3 Hours
Carrying Capacity 120kg
Board Length 980mm
Board Width 220mm


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