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– Includes Controller And Charger
– 1 Month Warranty
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Lightest In The World

ME-Mini is the world’s lightest and possibly the most convenient electric skateboard, just weighing in at 3.7kg (8.1 lbs). Like a Penny board with its own drive system that even a beginner can jump onto and ride like a pro.

Electric In Hub Motor

ME-Mini’s motor is designed with the latest hub motor technology, creating not only a smooth and quiet ride, but also protecting and waterproofing the motor and its components for longer overall operating life. If you turn off ME-Mini and ride it like a regular skateboard, you won’t even remember it’s electric.

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Digital Power Display

LED indicator lights show signal strength as well as battery power so that you don’t have to guess.

High Quality Components

ME-Mini has built in safety features to automatically monitor and protect itself against failure. High quality LG batteries inside ME-Mini prevent overheating and overcharging to ensure longer operating life.

Customers Say

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Fun for short commuting. Keep it up

Ed United States March 30, 2017

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomically designed hand held controller fits in the palm of your hand so you can control acceleration, ABS braking, and reverse with just one thumb.

Go Anywhere Easily

ME-Mini’s design has carrying convenience as a priority so that you can effortlessly carry it or backpack it wherever you go. Not only is ME-Mini waterproof, but it also can go on most airlines with its 99 watt hour battery.

Speed And Range

ME-Mini performs optimally for individuals who are 85kg (187 lbs) or less. With 20km/hr speed and 15km range, you cruise to your next destination comfortably.


(8.1 lbs)

Model ME-Mini
Range 15km (9.4 Miles)
Speed 20km/hr (12.5 Mph)
Weight 3.7kg
Remote Control Forward,Reverse,ABS Brake
Wheel 70mm
Recharge 3 Hours
Carrying Capacity 86kg (190 lbs)
Board Length 680mm
Board Width 192mm
Speed Modes Beginner, Full Speed


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