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Includes Controller, Charger, 2 Spare Hub Motor Wheels
– One Month Warranty
– BuyerReturn Guarantee



Stealth Design

With most cutting edge design in both battery and motor
technology, ME-Mega looks like a regular longboard at
first glance. With both motors using an in-hub design that is
contained within the wheel, as well as the battery being
completely built into the deck, you no longer have to worry
about ground clearance. The in-hub motors are both waterproof
and sandproof, meaning no matter the conditions, you can
ride without worry.

Super Responsive
Super Fast

The powerful dual motor system can take on 20° inclines
with ease. If you are in a hurry, you can travel at up to
40km/hr speeds. Wirelessly turn on, change to reverse, and
turn off the system: no buttons on the board needed. With
all new ultra responsive settings, both acceleration and
ABS regenerative braking work smoothly and immediately,
giving you the smoothest riding experience available.

LIMITED: Instant Discount!

Long Range

ME-Mega’s ultra slim battery is designed to endure a 26km
journey to get where you need to go, quickly, safely and

Wireless Controller

The newly designed ME-Mega controller can be charged in just
20 minutes with a USB. With beginner mode and regular mode,
you can set the power of ME-Mega to suite any rider.

Customers Say

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明彦 日本 April 8, 2017

Ultra Smooth Ride

No outside motors and no belts mean that the drive system
is ultra smooth. Pushing ME-Mega without power feels exactly
like kick-pushing a regular longboard.

Model ME-Mega (Dual Drive) ME-Mega (Single Drive)
Range 26 KM 20 KM
Speed 40 KM/HR 30 KM/HR
Weight 8.03公斤 7.0公斤
Controller/b> Forward, Reverse, Brake Forward, Reverse, Brake
Wheels 90mm Dual Drive(Inhub) 90mm Single Drive(Inhub)
Charge 3 Hours 3 Hours
Max Weight 130 KG 110 KG
Length 1050mm×240mm×140mm 1050mm×240mm×140mm
Protection Sand Resistant Water Resistant


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ME-Mega Single Drive, ME-Mega Dual Drive


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